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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Planes & Grids

This is my second project for the semester. Two found birdcages were deconstructed and reassembled into a mobile (my very first!). I was inspired by a book on the works of Alexander Calder, who for all intents and purposes is considered the creator of the "Mobile". 


Sunday, March 29, 2015

13 Sculptures

Starting last January I entered into my Junior semester of Sculpture Block classes. "Block" refers to three semesters of intense focus on sculptural work, processes (methods in how-to make things) and concepts. One must submit a portfolio for evaluation by the professors in the department in order to get accepted. It is a small but vigorous program where students have regular access to professors and grad students for guidance.

The 13 sculptures project is the first and only assignment in the Junior semester of Sculpture Block at the University of Houston. The 13 is is a way to kick-start the students and get their hands and minds busy. The idea is to work fast, and not over think. We had two weeks to complete the work. I found that the two weeks went by very quickly! All future projects, ideas, and concepts must be generated by the students entirely on their own. Each student is responsible for exploring and finding their own "voice" as a sculptor.

The following are the best of my 13 sculptures. Some were made very quickly, and others were made with a bit more time and consideration. Most of these pieces were made with found objects.

 Iron Wood

Wire Play

Crumpled Screen


 Flying Glove

Sinking Balls

Trouble Chair

Wood Pile

Conversing Stones

Hair Ball

(Look closely, that's a ping-pong ball covered with my hair. Most of which came from the top of my head.)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New BuckToonz for the New Year

Hello friends and fans.

BuckToonz has been put on hold due for a few months for a number of different reasons. I won't bore you with the how's and why's because I have good news to share. There are plans to resume regular posting (and the ensuing hilarity) in early 2015. I appreciate your patience and in the meantime, why not take a stroll down memory lane and re-visit some of your favorite cartoons of years past? You can access the blog archive located a little ways down and on right side of the page.

Wishing y'all Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! Have fun and travel safe.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rhyming Time

I never fancied myself a poet, but on past occasions I've tried my hand at a bit of prose. Now wait...before you click away-- I promise this will be kind of fun.

This first one tells the tale of how I dealt with a roach infestation many years ago when living in a tiny apartment.

Roaches Goodbye

This war has raged here long enough
Tried traps and sprays and other stuff
My food and garbage they still eat
And run at night across my feet
But I'm a smart and clever man
For I have genocide in a can
I pull the tab, release the spray
And leave my house for the day
I come home late to a welcome sight
A victory won by chemical might
I walk the floor and then I feel
A hundred bodies beneath my heel

The city where I live was built in a coastal region that has a very high water table. The local newspaper once stated how that water table effects the structure of buildings across the city, and causes them to slowly sink a little each year. Around that same time I also became aware of how many people, including myself, who have accumulated large amounts of pennies, and stored them in big containers for a future trip to the bank. I then saw a "correlation" between these two things and came to the following conclusion....
Copper Deposits

They say this city sinks each year
A foot or more this time they fear
Its pennies saved in jars like mine
That sink this city over time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


In this week's toon I'm referencing one of my own
sculptures, which can be seen here.
Is that a little weird or inbred somehow?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Having It Both Ways

This week’s toon is one of the few remaining relics to be found in my secret, archive bunker. Many years ago I was totally opposed to the idea of hunting. Over time, I reconsidered that opinion. This cartoon has been altered quite a bit from the original version which was rather dark, and heavily biased. These days I’m all in favor of taking rational measures to protect our wildlife resources, but it seems that the conservation groups that are backed by the hunter demographic, have an ulterior motive. I find that a bit ironic, even though I have donated money to such groups.

The way I see it -- if you shoot it, trap it, or catch it…then EAT it! What I don’t endorse is the idea of trophy hunting. I think its wrong to kill an exceptional animal just so you can hang it's head on your wall, and make boots out of its hide. Hunting should be done to keep animal populations under control, and to feed people. Hunt in order to sustain Life...not ego.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It Grows On You

Every year prior to the winter holiday season, Americans are inundated with a particular TV commercial and its familiar "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!.." jingle. For those in the audience who live outside the US you may not be aware of the annual Chia Pet phenomena. The Chia Pet is a small terra cotta figurine usually in the shape of an animal or the head of a famous person; which is used to grow chia (Salvia hispanica). The chia sprouts over a few weeks and creates the appearance of green fur or hair on the figure. This is a novelty product that is readily available throughout the year but is only advertised for a few short weeks. It has been extremely successful for almost forty years. From a marketing standpoint I find this amazing.

For those of you who now have that silly Chia Pet jingle stuck in your heads, you can go here to get some relief.