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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rhyming Time

I never fancied myself a poet, but on past occasions I've tried my hand at a bit of prose. Now wait...before you click away-- I promise this will be kind of fun.

This first one tells the tale of how I dealt with a roach infestation many years ago when living in a tiny apartment.

Roaches Goodbye

This war has raged here long enough
Tried traps and sprays and other stuff
My food and garbage they still eat
And run at night across my feet
But I'm a smart and clever man
For I have genocide in a can
I pull the tab, release the spray
And leave my house for the day
I come home late to a welcome sight
A victory won by chemical might
I walk the floor and then I feel
A hundred bodies beneath my heel

The city where I live was built in a coastal region that has a very high water table. The local newspaper once stated how that water table effects the structure of buildings across the city, and causes them to slowly sink a little each year. Around that same time I also became aware of how many people, including myself, who have accumulated large amounts of pennies, and stored them in big containers for a future trip to the bank. I then saw a "correlation" between these two things and came to the following conclusion....
Copper Deposits

They say this city sinks each year
A foot or more this time they fear
Its pennies saved in jars like mine
That sink this city over time