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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob & Al

Bob and Al are two characters that had a brief run in the original BuckShot cartoon series. They are always pictured talking on the phone to each other, and never seen otherwise. They tend to discuss odd and inappropriate things. This toon was created before cell phones had become so pervasive. I elected not to alter the image by adding modern cell phones. From this angle, it might appear as if they were talking into their palms. Anyway, this is an opportunity to point out that cartoons are a visual language that makes heavy use of symbols. Visual clarity is of the utmost importance. Less is more --always. The artist must use symbols and images that the viewer will instantly recognize under any circumstances. In a few more years, this type of phone "symbol" will look too archaic and should not be used.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sound Advice

This week instead of the usual cartoon hilarity, I offer you my loyal readers, a solution to one of Life's bothersome occurrences. This is my way of saying "thank you" for dropping by BuckToonz each week.
Fixing a hole where a song came in...
We all experience the following problem. You're going about your daily business when suddenly, a song gets stuck in your head. And I mean really stuck, as in it just keeps repeating itself over and over with no end in sight. Ironically, it's usually not a song that we enjoy hearing either. It's never a tune that's cool or fun. Often times it's some Pop drivel, or a stupid commercial jingle from the radio or TV. Try as we might, we cannot rid ourselves of this endlessly looping song. We know it will eventually come to a stop but probably not before causing us, irritation, distraction, and/or distress. This can become torturous as when trying to fall asleep at night. Some psychologists have referred to this phenomena as an "Ear Worm" which implies that you are dealing with some sort of dangerous parasite. I prefer to call it the "Annoying Song Syndrome"  or A.S.S. for short. There is no known cure for A.S.S. -- until now. I will show you a proven method to quickly and effectively soothe your next A.S.S. attack, and you will no longer be doomed to just ride it out.
If you feel an A.S.S. attack coming on-- don't panic, just simply follow this One Easy Step. Think of a song or melody that you dearly love and always makes you happy when you hear it. It can be anything at all but it is important to choose a song that you never get tired of hearing. Let's refer to this as our "default song".  During your next A.S.S. attack, keep your cool and begin to mentally repeat your default song over and over until it completely overrides and cancels out the annoying song. What you're doing is giving your brain something more pleasurable to fixate upon. This does take some practice and persistence, but don't let that put you off. This method works and once mastered, you will be able to effectively eliminate all future A.S.S. attacks. You will be the master of your domain, and mental harmony shall be yours once again.
Send me your success stories and I will post them here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Correctness

The English language is loaded with euphemisms, and we use them all the time. Just try going a day without uttering a single one. Euphemisms are handy in that they remove us a few degrees away from whatever we are really talking about in order for the subject to seem less; rude, gross, troubling, or painful. But euphemisms can also be great fun too. For example, the Australians have hundreds of different euphemisms for the act of vomiting! (They do like their beer Down Under). The problem is that we have so many euphemisms currently in use that they obscure our language. Then add politically correct speech on top of that, and things can get really clouded! There is no doubt that euphemisms can make our language more polite and colorful, but in the process we sacrifice honesty, clarity, and directness.

The veterinarian in this cartoon is a caricature of a real vet I once knew. Dr. F was a terrific guy and a great doctor. I spent a lot of money at his clinic over the years, and I'm quite sure I've put at least one of his kids through college. The doctor kept on display a dog heart floating in a big jar of formaldehyde. The dog-heart-in-a-jar is on a shelf above the good doctor.

The man-ish looking woman in today's toon was inspired by Monty Python who's members often performed in drag. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011