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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


In this week's toon I'm referencing one of my own
sculptures, which can be seen here.
Is that a little weird or inbred somehow?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Having It Both Ways

This week’s toon is one of the few remaining relics to be found in my secret, archive bunker. Many years ago I was totally opposed to the idea of hunting. Over time, I reconsidered that opinion. This cartoon has been altered quite a bit from the original version which was rather dark, and heavily biased. These days I’m all in favor of taking rational measures to protect our wildlife resources, but it seems that the conservation groups that are backed by the hunter demographic, have an ulterior motive. I find that a bit ironic, even though I have donated money to such groups.

The way I see it -- if you shoot it, trap it, or catch it…then EAT it! What I don’t endorse is the idea of trophy hunting. I think its wrong to kill an exceptional animal just so you can hang it's head on your wall, and make boots out of its hide. Hunting should be done to keep animal populations under control, and to feed people. Hunt in order to sustain Life...not ego.