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Monday, August 14, 2017


Creating a sense of mystery and controlling the viewer's access to a piece. This project involved : a tarp, dog kennel, padlock, black sheets, and an unidentified shape. A Bluetooth device hidden inside broadcast strange rustling, scratching, scraping, sounds coming from within. I never revealed what was inside the cage.

ever revealed what was in the cage. 

Cigar Box Guitar #3 - "Lois Rose"

This cigar-box guitar was built as a player for myself and not as art piece like my first CBG. Although my first CBG is very playable and has a nice tone, I prefer to not play it so that it will remain in excellent condition. This is the first I've made use of an actual cigar box. The body of this guitar was provided by my Great Aunt Lois who kept some of her jewelry in this box. The box must be decades old as the original brand imprint has faded to nothing. There is the remnant of a label which I left in place because it looks so cool. Outside of the sound holes, I didn't want to cut too much into the box for sentimental reasons. Here was a good opportunity to try out what is called a "Flying Bridge". The bridge came out of a DIY guitar kit from C.B. Gitty. It allows the neck to sit on top of the body.

Contraption - A Found Object Sound Generator

A found object sound generator. From where the audience was standing, they could hear the acoustic sound front of them. From above and behind they could hear the processed sound. The processed sound was coming from a small hidden amplifier hidden. It created a very unusual effect.
Watch a short Video here...