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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Correctness

The English language is loaded with euphemisms, and we use them all the time. Just try going a day without uttering a single one. Euphemisms are handy in that they remove us a few degrees away from whatever we are really talking about in order for the subject to seem less; rude, gross, troubling, or painful. But euphemisms can also be great fun too. For example, the Australians have hundreds of different euphemisms for the act of vomiting! (They do like their beer Down Under). The problem is that we have so many euphemisms currently in use that they obscure our language. Then add politically correct speech on top of that, and things can get really clouded! There is no doubt that euphemisms can make our language more polite and colorful, but in the process we sacrifice honesty, clarity, and directness.

The veterinarian in this cartoon is a caricature of a real vet I once knew. Dr. F was a terrific guy and a great doctor. I spent a lot of money at his clinic over the years, and I'm quite sure I've put at least one of his kids through college. The doctor kept on display a dog heart floating in a big jar of formaldehyde. The dog-heart-in-a-jar is on a shelf above the good doctor.

The man-ish looking woman in today's toon was inspired by Monty Python who's members often performed in drag. 

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