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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Postman Always Blings Twice

This week we are featuring yet another sculpture-- however this one is not a school related project.

"The Mail-Man" was created a few years ago when I was doing a lot of work with decoupage. I've always rather liked postage stamps and consider them to be these tiny, cool, works of art. I chose to work with cancelled stamps because; I had a lot of them, and I thought it was an original idea at the time.  I never counted the number of stamps that were used in creating The Mail-Man but it must be between 250 to 300. All the stamps are different with no duplicates at all. Each stamp was hand selected and applied. This has been the standard for all of my decoupage work no matter how large a piece might be. Every piece must also have a theme. Anyone can do random stuff, but my pieces require, time, effort, and planning. The theme for The Mail-Man is: all things masculine.

I started out by decoupaging wooden boxes but it quickly grew from there. Soon I was decoupaging life-like human and animal skulls, styrofoam wig heads, and various mannequin parts that I bought used or damaged from a supplier. I was always on the look out for unusual objects. Friends would try to challenge me by bringing strange stuff for me to "put my stamp(s) on" them. I quickly learned that the more curves an object has, the more difficult it is to work with.

My first use of a large scale mannequin part was a female torso where I used stamps with a feminine aspect to them. She was titled "Go Figure", and sold at a gallery opening for $400 within the first fifteen minutes after the show began! 

The Mail-Man is currently for sale on eBay  where you can read all the specifics about him and see additional photos. Perhaps you'll feel inclined to place a bid. The Mail-Man has been a colorful and interesting guest in my house for a number of years, but I think its time for him to go grace and brighten the home of some other worthy individual.

I am an artist and a capitalist. There will be more crass attempts at commercialism as time goes on especially after the BuckToonz store is open for business. You have been fairly warned.

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