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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Times Are A Changin'

BuckToonz is altering it's posting frequency in order to conform better with my school schedule. For almost four years now BuckToonz has posted each week except for the occasional hiatus. My school work is the highest priority, and will remain so until I graduate in about two more years. I truly enjoy creating the cartoons and other odd bits that have appeared on these pages, but I'm finding that my time is getting tighter and tighter. I want this blog to continue to be fun for me to do (and for you to enjoy), but not be forced to make artistic compromises in the interest of meeting a weekly deadline. Its a quantity versus quality issue for me. So in order to reduce this pressure, BuckToonz will be posting only twice a month beginning in April. The posts will be on the 1rst and 3rd Wednesdays of each month during regular semesters. Perhaps during school vacation times the posting frequency will increase; we'll just have to see.

I still aspire to open a BuckToonz online store, but that will happen when it is feasible for me to maintain that level of commitment. I have many ideas for some really fun, affordable, blog related merchandise and art work etc.

Now might be a good time to become a Follower, so as not to miss out on anything. Please see the sidebar under my photo on the left side of the page for that information.

See you again on April 2nd & 16th. Thank you for your patience, and continued interest in what I do.

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