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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Two Ukes, a Kalimba, and a Can-Jo, Walked Into a Bar...

The following are all cigar-box guitar style builds for my girlfriend who is a music educator in South China, where she teaches music theory and performance to children. All the instruments were built using basic kit parts available at C.B. Gitty. The kits are quite flexible and the builds were all  modified as I went along in order to make them more interesting in sound and appearance.

   The original can that came with the Can-Jo kit was replaced with
a child's lunchbox.

The Kalimba (Thumb Piano) made with a cigar box.
Large, deep, cookie-tins were used for the Uke bodies.

I was concerned that the string tension might collapse the uke body so I built 
an internal brace for attaching the neck. 


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