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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not As Smart As You Think...

Dolphins. People like them, and what's not to like? Dolphins are beautiful, sleek, playful, and intelligent. Really, really intelligent we are lead to believe. What I take issue with is the "dolphin worship" that takes place in certain circles. There are people who believe that dolphins are the smartest, most wonderful, magical, and spiritual beings ever to inhabit the Earth. Why--if only they had opposable thumbs, then they could probably rule the world. (If only we would let them!). Meanwhile chimpanzees don't get enough credit. Chimps have 98% of the same DNA as humans. They have proven language skills, and are highly intelligent too. Probably even more so than dolphins. Dolphins have bigger brains but, there is growing evidence that a larger brain size does not necessarily equal greater intelligence. Certain parrot species are proving this daily. People really like chimps, but you don't see them being "worshipped" like dolphins. You see, chimps have an image problem; they are hairy, smelly, throw feces at each other, and remind us too much of ourselves. There are probably dozens of New Age shops across the country named "The Crystal Dolphin". But you will never see a New Age shop called "The Crystal Chimp".
In this cartoon, I like the idea of the dolphin trying to convince the researchers that they're expectations are too high, and are wasting their time. If he plays this right, they might even let him go.
[Apologies to all my New Age friends, you know I love you.]

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