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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Technical Difficulties

When I was a kid, our family had one huge, black & white TV. Back then, most TVs still had tubes in them. You had to turn it on, and let the tubes "warm up" for a minute before the image would appear on the screen. Anyway, one time our local TV station was have "technical difficulties" and asked it's loyal viewers to "please stand by". Being the helpful child that I was, I took the "please stand by" quite literally and was eager to do my part. I remember standing next to the TV hoping that by following the instructions, our TV would return to normal soon. I was informed by my older brother that standing next to the TV was not going to help anything! Before I could sit back down, the TV returned to it's regular programming, already in progress. I was sure that I had made a difference somehow. My brother maintained it was a coincidence, and I had better stop blocking his view before something bad happened to me!
Many years later, I had an office job where one of my duties was to handle low level IT issues. On many occasions, when I got close to, but not yet touching a malfunctioning PC, printer, or copier, etc. ....normal functions would instantly return. It did not happen every time of course, but my "ability" became a running joke among my co-workers. If true, what a marvelous gift this would be. Almost like a super power. Perhaps my brother was wrong about me after all.

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