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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Personal Problem

Lycanthropy: is a psychological disorder where a person believes that they are, or have been transformed into, an animal (usually a wolf) and then acts accordingly. Every few years the public seems to re-discover it's fascination with vampires and to a lesser degree, werewolves. I never "got" the whole vampire thing. I never understood what all the flap was about. In my mind, vampires are very overrated. Blood is not sexy-- ask any nurse or paramedic. I have always preferred the werewolves. However, the attacking and maiming of people is an unattractive aspect. What appeals to me instead is the idea of shape shifting into a physically superior animal form. That strikes an atavistic chord within me. How cool would that be to leap and run unhindered through the forest? All of this reminds me of something I witnessed during my visits to South Korea. The Koreans like to exercise early in the morning. People go outdoors and do all manner of things from playing golf, to martial arts. As the sun is rising you can see Korean men running up steep hillsides while yelling at the top of their lungs. How wonderfully cathartic! We should try that here in the States. Why should the Koreans have all the fun? Maybe I'll start a club.

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  1. Love it Buck! Great commentary too. :)