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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Impressions

As it says in our Mission Statement above, "BuckToonz is a weekly blog featuring original cartoons, commentary, and other creative, fun stuff ". There's been plenty of cartoons and commentary of late, so today it's time for a little of the other fun stuff.

Recently I had some molds made of my teeth. My dentist knows that I'm a creative guy and offered to let me keep them when he was finished. Having a detailed mold of your own "pearly whites" is the kind of thing that falls into "mildly weird but cool" category.  Looking at them certainly gives one some perspective that would otherwise not be available. Other people see your teeth everyday if you're the type that enjoys talking, or are perhaps in the habit of smiling. And the dentist of course, has intimate knowledge of your teeth. However-- you as the owner, never really get to see them the way that others do. Looking at molds like these allows one to enter into the secret world of your own teeth.  In and of themselves, these impressions are a natural conversation piece. But, with just a little bit of work they have the potential to become something more-- a one of a kind creative project.

I have my own ideas about what to do with "my teeth" but right now I'm more interested in what you have to say. Post your creative suggestions here, and I'll share the best ideas.

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