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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Struggle

While preparing this week's post I noticed for the first time how our starring character resembles action hero Vin Diesel,  however this toon was originally published before he became famous. And it was during that time a number of years ago we were also having difficulties with our economy. Although what was happening back then was quite tame in comparison to where we are now. I don’t want anyone in the audience to get the wrong idea about this week’s cartoon. In no way am I making light of people who have been negatively affected by America’s poor economy. God knows I’ve been unemployed for extended periods of time myself, and have had my own struggles with survival. My aim with today’s post is to encourage people in these harsh times to be patient, resourceful, and to make creative use of their entire skill set.

There are thousands of blogs out there filled with political rantings and BuckToonz is not one of them. But if it was, you might hear me say something like this; these down turns in the economy are usually cyclical, and historically our capitalist system always corrects itself within a few years. Now that's true unless the government starts monkeying around with the economy. Government  interference prolongs the problem and increases our pain. The bottom line is this--if you’re not happy with the economy or anything else, then you must hold your elected officials accountable. Remember-- they work for us, and we can and should "fire" them for incompetence and poor performance.

On a lighter note, I want to welcome our new readers in Iceland. You have a beautiful country that holds a particular fascination for me. Visiting Iceland is item #7 on my "Bucket List". 

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