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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Easy Pickings

Extraterrestrials have appeared several times on this blog because it's a fun subject that offers many comedic possibilities. See past posts here, there, here again, and once more.  In this week's post we see that these off-planet visitors/trespassers/invaders have come up with a better method to obtain subjects for their experiments. Perhaps they are feeling a bit guilty about the whole "abduction" thing and see this new protocol as being a bit more like having "volunteers".

This cartoon first saw the light of day a number of years ago. I have a cousin who saw it in print somewhere and promptly displayed it upon her kitchen refrigerator door, unaware that I was the creator. While visiting her a few months later I noticed the toon, solved the mystery as to its authorship, and thanked her for the compliment.

For my international readers; here in the States the kitchen refrigerator door is a place of honor for displaying children's art works, and favored cartoons. It is high praise indeed to make it onto the old 'fridge door.

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