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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Calamari on a Mission

This week’s episode: How a Cartoon Was Inspired by a True Story and A Children’s Book. My regular readers know that I fancy a bit of wordplay now and again. Admittedly this week's pun is a "groaner", but perhaps you'll forgive me when you hear the story behind it.

I was at one time a regular contributor to a dandy little comic news monthly called the Fish Wrapper, located in the Seattle area. The publishers were a husband and wife team who were very involved with the local boating and sailing community in the Puget Sound area. An acquaintance made them a lucrative offer to deliver a new sailboat to Hawaii for him.  Nice work if you can get it, right? One day while on their voyage, my friends were lowering the main sail and they noticed a small squid had attached itself to the canvas. The squid was found at the very top of the sail which stands at least 20 feet in the air when fully deployed. Squids have been known to jump a bit, but not that high. There had been no storm activity that could have possibly tossed the squid way up there either. It was a complete mystery as to how this little guy managed to get to the very top a sail that reaches over 20 ft. above the water line. When I heard of this super cephalodic feat it reminded me of the classic American children’s story “The Little Engine That Could”. Its a tale about a plucky little train that pulls an over sized load up a mountain side, all the while affirming to itself,  “I think I can, I think I can!” It's a nice lesson about the power of positive thinking, how to believe in oneself, and overcoming obstacles.

So there you have it--a cartoon is born. Am I forgiven?

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