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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Leading the Way

It is good to be back with you all once again. My Spring semester has ended, and it ended well. I hope the hiatus was not too excruciating. If I may paraphrase Friedrich Niche and say: “That which does not kill you, offers you the opportunity to grow stronger”.  As I now ease my way back into cartooning mode, I bring you something from my secret archives/bunker complex. This is one of my earliest b&w cartoons, lovingly colorized, and tweaked for your enjoyment.

You gotta love cheerleaders; with all that smiling, wiggling, and pep! However, too much of that kind of thing can be annoying. Well, not the wiggling part anyway. Having said that, wouldn’t it be just grand to have your own personal cheer leaders? Why should professional sports teams have all the fun? A personal cheer squad would be so handy on those days when we are not at our best. But they would also be there to help celebrate our triumphs as well. I think it would also be very cool to have my own theme music that would play when ever I entered a room. The President of the United States has “Hail to the Chief”, right? I’d like a little something too. Just a brief instrumental would be fine. Something jazzy, similar to music you might hear in a 60’s spy flick. Too grandiose? I dunno. After all, presentation is everything.

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