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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Send In the....Yikes!

It fascinates me that there is such a great variety of things that people fear, and that we have names for most of them. This toon is from my secret archives and at the time of it's original publication, there was no name for the fear of clowns. Well, none that I was aware of anyway. So I decided to coin my own term for this particular phobia. This cartoon features the image of my beloved first wife who was a well-known "Bozophobe", and an influence on much of my early work.

Bringing one of these toonz out into the daylight again is not merely a simple regurgitation of an existing cartoon. In addition to adding color, there are other upgrades and alterations. One of these days I'll post an example of a cartoon showing the "Before & After" so you can see the difference.

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