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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Antarctic Challenge

BuckToonz currently spans the globe with an active readership in seventy-seven countries that stretch their way across six continents. One can assume then that there are at least seventy-six people outside of the U.S. who enjoy this blog! As much as it pleasures me to be aware of all this, I'm not someone who is content to rest upon his laurels. I will not truly be satisfied until BuckToonz has reached the shores of our seventh continent. That's right, I'm referring to the mighty, the frozen, the awe inspiring beauty that is... Antarctica! 

In order to accomplish this lofty goal I'm prepared to offer a prize of $50 tax free USD, to the first person who can prove to me that they (or someone they know) have read this blog at least once while in Antarctica. Photographic evidence would be very convincing. Now granted, the US dollar is not quite worth what it used to be but--this is easy money! And, did I mention the tax free part? So contact your globetrotting friends, or get on down there yourself. Then hang out with the penguins, read my blog, and collect $50 to help defer some of the cost of your extravagant trip to the South Pole region. The longer this contest goes on, the more likely the prize money will increase. There will be periodic reminders over time to keep you all inspired and motivated.

That's enough blathering about the contest. If you have any further questions just post them here, or shoot me an email. One last thing. As much as I like penguins, they are not eligible. Why not? Because I heard from a very reliable source that penguins not only lack opposable thumbs, but they do not read very well either. Furthermore, what would a penguin do with $50? (Now that sounds like the beginning of a joke or an idea for a cartoon!)

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