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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Silk Screen Project

This week we are looking at a recent project I made for a Silk Screening class that's a part of my degree program. Granted, the format does not look all that different from the weekly cartoons you have come to know and love. But what you see here is a scan of a four color printed piece. In this class we are being taught how to make traditional, hand-pulled, silk screened images. This is a very labor intensive process, with a lot of subtleties and technique that I am still trying to learn properly. For those who want more information on silk screening you can visit our good friends at Wikipedia and learn more than you ever cared to know. But please, return quickly as you might miss something while you're gone; like cash and prizes.

My learning curve has been rather steep in this class and there was much room for improvement in this the final product. However, I did some repair work and added the border before posting today not only to enhance your viewing experience, but also to prevent embarrassment for myself.

This image presents a little narrative that raises some questions. The title says "What Is This?", but who's asking the question? Is it the reptilian creature? Is it the Teddy Bear? Or is it you, the viewer? Another question might be; Is the bear alive, or is it a toy? Perhaps we'll never know.

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