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Sunday, February 17, 2013

XXXL or Think Big

Today's gag is a play on the name of a dating site called eHarmony. This is a site that I highly recommend if you're in the market for a new relationship.

Last week Americans celebrated Valentines' Day. This is a strange holiday in that it actually excludes people. If you are in a new or happy relationship, it's great. If you are in a committed relationship that has gone sour, the day is awkward. If you're currently unattached, it can really suck! The whole country is celebrating love and romance, and you're made to feel like a loser. Believe me, I've been in all those situations.

Well, here's some good news. There is a movement to "re-brand" Valentines' Day into "Generosity Day". A day to perform random acts of kindness, and service. This is an intriguing idea. We live in a world that could use more kindness, generosity, and direct (low-tech/no-tech) connectedness with others. Learn more about it here.


  1. Oh, it has already been re-branded, and much more recently than most people care to remember.

    SAINT Valentine's Day, as it was originally called has been hijacked by the media and the usual corporate scum wanting us to buy their wares. It didn't used to be for people in relationships at all, it was a day for people not in relationships to send a usually anonymous message to the object of their desires. Put like that, it sounds like sanctioned stalking, but it used to be a great honour to receive a St Valentine's Day card and know that someone out there had feelings for you.

  2. Thanks GL for contributing a much needed historical perspective. It illustrates how we Americans have a history of making our holidays trivial, and artificial, by way of over-commercialized. Now days, most of our holidays are far removed from their original intention and purpose. All the more reason to follow the Generosity Day link above.

    I wish more readers would send in their comments like GL. See? It’s easy, and nothing bad will happen to you.