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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dots and Lines

This week we're looking at two class projects.

This first one is an illustration involving the use of "stippling" i.e. lots and lots of tiny dots when properly put together create an image. My instructor told that me when she was in art school she had a teacher who was very strict about stippling technique. She warned me that if I chose to go the stippling route for my illustration that she was going to be very picky.....and she was. I remember attempting this illustration at least five times, making improvements and understand the concept better as I went along. I ended up using 5 different pen tip sizes to create the effect. What started out as a tedious and somewhat stressful task, by the final version had become meditative and relaxing.

What we have next is a project where we took an ordinary house hold object, in this case my pocket knife, and were required to render it in four different ways: Realistic, High Contrast, Silhouette, and my personal favorite, Gestural. These are all pretty self-explanatory with the exception of the Gestural. The Gestural is done very quickly (under 15 seconds) with the idea being to capture the essentials of a given object using the least amount of lines. The Silhouette was made with cut paper.

                                                             My favorite pocket knife.


High Contrast

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